‘Glass Cage’ is my favourite track with a catchy instrumental melody and some nifty gypsy-esque violin work, somewhat akin to bands such as Gogol Bordello.

Erik & the Worldly Savages raise a voice for all those who dream of permanently travelling the world. This is counterculture music at its finest, breaking cultural boundaries.

Musically dense and energetically uncaged and explosive at times, this release is a raw, untethered shriek from the void, equally utilizing punk rock, folk, reggae, heavy metal and world music influences. Most of all, the expression is authentically human.

‘Break Free!’ is not a jovial summertime jam about flings in mildewy grass or picnics by the lake. It is an album that pushes you to reflect, reveal something within yourself and really feel it.

TRANSLATED FROM PORTUGUESE: “Break Free” is one of those records that get better with each listen and that has everything to age well, being able to please different audiences and different tribes, as it transits through folk, rock, punk and pop, in a timeless and natural way. I’m going to press repeat while you finish reading here.

Oi Va Voi & Tom Waits could come together to make music, and they might fall short of the quality that Erik Mut injects into every moment on this album. A one-of-a-kind man, Erik’s art is expressive, charismatic, and dense, sounding at once relatable, ethnic, unusual, and all the while familiar and easy to digest.

This is a great feel-good EP and one that will have you dancing around one minute and pondering the world the next! (…) Impressive work!

Lyrically, the album is every bit as strong as the unique compositions, with a distinct punk rock sensibility. In short, it’s hard not to believe this is among the best alternative rock releases of 2022, if not one of the best releases period.

Erik & the Worldly Savages’ ‘Break Free’s energetically explosive and emotionally raw punk rock, folk, reggae, heavy metal and world vocals and instrumentals created an authentically human journey that explores the possibilities of life beyond barriers.


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